The carefully established ethos of this style of circletime can have a transforming effect on behaviour. Shyer children grow in confidence, angry or aggressive children change with supportive listening and the whole class draws closer together. This may sound impossible, or at least unlikely, but we have witnessed this with class after class when circletimes become a regular feature of the school day.
Such a transformation won’t happen just by sitting in a circle. There is a progression with circletime and a vision of where it can lead that is an essential element. This is what enables children to change; moving
towards the responsible behaviour of citizenship and away from damaging or unreflective behaviour.

1. Why circletime is important for you and your children.
2. Definition of Circletime and Circletime Targets.
3. Circletime Groundrules & Early Circletime Activities.
4. Progressing with Circletime - more activities.

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