Citizenship depends on helping children develop qualities and attitudes that will have a positive effect on their behaviour and life-style for ever. The citizens who will act responsibly over global issues will not have been educated to be passive or unquestioningly conformist. They will have the skills and confidence to take effective action for change and the values and attitudes to make them care enough to do so.

Key Stage 1 (4 to 7)

1. Develop self-esteem and responsibility.
2. Express & justify personal opinions orally.
3. Feelings - recognise, name and manage feelings. Promote empathy.
4. Reflect - learn from experiences, set goals.
5. Vote on some topical issues.
6. Make real choices, help formulate class rules.
7. Recognise helpful & harmful influences.
8. Relationships - listen to, play and work in co-operation with others. Skills of friendship.
9. Recognise different forms of bullying and know how to seek help.
10. Consider some moral dilemmas.
11. Recognise they belong to various groups and communities.

Key Stage 2 & 3 - K1 in more depth plus: -

1. Express opinions orally
and in writing
2. Basic understanding of concept of democracy.
3. Take responsibility for environment & needs of others.
4. Play an active role - make choices, take action, reflect on outcome.
5. Explore how media presents information.
6. Discuss and vote on topical global issues.
7. Reflect on personal decisions about use of scarce resources.
8. Meet and work with outside agencies., community and pressure groups, aid organisations.
9. Consider and celebrate diversity and similarities between people. Empathise.

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